Tupolev Tu-124
Tupolev Tu-124 - a short-range jet airliner - is a further development of the first soviet jet Tu-104. In spite of some visual similarity between these planes, Tu-124 is a completely new design. It was the first soviet airliner to use double-flow jets, spoilers, braking shield and noise reductors. The plane has the capacity of 44-56 passengers, the maximum range of 2100km and the cruise speed of 750-850km/h. It was in production from 1961 to 1968 and some 165 units where built at Kharkov aircraft factory. Aeroflot was using Tu-124 from October 1962 to August 1979. Tu-124 has also been exported in the following countries: Chechoslovakia, DDR, India, Iraq and China. Soviet Ministry of Defense was using Tu-124 up to 1986. It was also Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandi's personal aircraft.

The package will include a complete set of what one may expect from a hi-end quality add-on.

  • The panel (developed by Mikhail Mitin, Nick Sharmanzhinov, Alexey Litvinov) is fully functional modelling unique features of soviet navigation and most of the on-board systems. It includes separate places for Captain and Navigator, complete navigation systems realisation (RSBN and NAS) and many more intresting stuff. A unique feature is the braking parachute implementation - when deployed, it changes dynamically the Cx of the plane and thus precisely modelize the real parachute's action.
  • The visual model (by Dimitri Samborski) is as accurate as possible, fully animated including many custom animations like steering angle limiter, separate landing lights deployment, braking parachute, main gear wheel pairs staying aligned to the ground independently on the plane's pitch at takeoff/landing (so does the parachute too) etc.
  • The flight dynamics (by Oleg Tchernikoff) is based on genuine Tu-124 documentation and closely matches the real aircraft's specifications. A set of complete documentation and a paintkit are also included.
> Download Tupolev Tu-124 (26Mb, Flightsim.com, 6 December 2006)