Tupolev Tu-114
Developed in the end of the 50-ies, Tu-114 was a reply to a dramatically growing demand for long range air transport. When it appeared, it was the biggest passenger airliner in the world. Four 15000hp turboprop engines with counter-rotating propellers made the aircraft the most powerful and the fastest turboprop ever. Tu-114 was the precursor of modern jets - at that time it already had multi-class passenger cabin layout and a two-floor fuselage with a kitchen and cargo compartments on the lower floor. First version disposed of a special restaurant cabin and sleeping compartments. It was the first Soviet plane to rely Moscow with the American continent - and the only airliner for regular flights to Cuba. Widely used in the USSR on longhaul routes (Moscow-Khabarovsk), and on international flights Tu-114 was the first Soviet aircraft leased by a capitalist country - it served Japan Airliners during some years. Progressively replaced by the quadrijet Il-62 in the beginning of the 70-ies, Tu-114 left in minds as a highly reliable and safe airplane, crashed only once because of the pilot's fault.
The model is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. A highly detailed visual model is completed with a complete virtual interior including the pilot's cockpit, three passenger cabins, wardrobes, sleeping compartments etc. The package comes with an authentic panel using custom insturments and an innovative window-icing feature. Finally, a reallistic flight dynamics and a set of powerful genuine sounds will immerge you in a unique atmosphere, proper to this plane. Be sure to read the documentation (in English) to understand the cyrillic panel and to learn about the history of Tu-114.
Tu-114 has flied in only three liveries - all of them are proposed for free download and all of them have a different cabin layout. A military AWACS version Tu-126 is also available.

Important! Install the package in the following order:

  1. First install the base package (with Khrustchev livery)
  2. Install if you want any other livery (Aeroflot 70-ies or JAL)
  3. Install Tu-126 - it installs the AWACS plane and also corrects some little problems in the Tu-114's dynamics. Installing Tu-126 will update automatically your Tu-114 installation.


  • A fascinating Cold War classic. Patience is needed in getting to grips with unfamiliar instrumentation and Russian labelling, but those with the inclination to study this aircraft will find a great deal to please them here
    PC Pilot. Review N32

  • Samdim Design have produced another stunning and unique model in the Tu-114, its elements combining like a symphony to produce an immersive, challenging and satisfying experience. This complex package is terrific, a must-have for flightsimmers who like to try something different. The quality of this freeware package is every bit as good as many a payware offer and in some areas, better.
    FlightSim.com aircraft review

  • The Samdim Design Bureau fully deserves the AVSIM Gold award for their efforts and for now this package will probably be my personal pick for the AVSIM annual BravoZulu award (2005) for best freeware aircraft package.
    Avsim.com aircraft review

  • A fantastic FS model of the outstanding turboprop Tupolev TU-114
    FS Berlin
> Download Tu-114 base package (24.4Mb, Flightsim.com, 15 September 2004)
> Download Tu-114 Aeroflot 60-ies (14Mb, Flightsim.com, 15 September 2004)
> Download Tu-114 Aeroflot 70-ies (13.5Mb, Flightsim.com, 15 September 2004)