Cap-10B Panel

1. mixture lever
2. manifold pressure and fuel flow indicators
3. stall warning lamp
4. engine rpm gauge
5. indicated air speed (in kilometers per hour)
6. atm pressure setting knob
7. altimeter (hundreds of feet)
8. turn coordintor ball for upside-down flight
9. turn coordintor ball for normal flight
10. accelerometer (units of G)
11. vertical speed (hundreds of feet per minute)
12. oil temperature
13. forward fuel tank level and empty tank warning light
14. aft fuel tank level and empty tank warning light
15. battery level
16. cylinder head temperature

17. panel lights switch (ECL.TAB.BORD)
18. main battery switch (CONTACT GENERAL)
19. beacon light switch (ROTATING)
20. parking brake lever
21. navigation lights switch (FEUX NAV)
22. electrical pump switch (POMPE ELEC)
23. cabin heat level (CHAUFFAGE)
24. landing light switch (PHARE)
25. tailhook lock switch (BLOCAGE ROULETTE)
26. starter pushbutton (DEMARREUR)
27. magneto selector (SELECTEUR MAGNETO)
28. fuel tank selector
29. throttle lever
30. total flight time counter (fake so far)
31. oil pressure and low pressure warning light
32. standby accelerometer (fake so far)
33. radio panel (default Cessna gauges)
Engine Start-up : switch on the battery (18), select both magnetos (27), push the mixture lever (1), press the starter p/b (26).

Start up and taxi with canopy open. Click on the canopy to open it. When the engine is working, the canopy half-closes. Don't forget to close it (by clicking on it) before the takeoff.

To stop the engine, pull completeley the mixture lever (1)