Mudry Cap-10B
Avions Mudry Cap-10 is a successfull aerobatic two-seat aircraft, dated back to the end of 1960s. Still in production, it became the standard aircraft in french aerobatic schools.


Totally new flight dynamics, developed by Antonin Meyniel from scratch, matured and polished during two years by a team of real Cap-10 pilots for truly "on the numbers" performance. The visual model benefits from new FSX materials with self-shadowing and some minor improvements. New docs included.

FS 2004

The model includes some features usually reserved for the best payware packages. Highly detailed and fully animated visual model comes along with a complete and functionnal virtual cockpit featuring:
  • detailed ultra precise modelling (up to 0.5mm instead of 4mm FS9 limit);
  • smooth 3D gauges;
  • simulated head movement responding to vertical and horizontal accelerations and aircraft vibrations;
  • no fake switches;
  • aircraft's shadow visible from the virtual cockpit
Neither FS9 nor FSX model has a 2D panel.
Exterior textures by Nicolai Samsonov (INS). Modelling and programming by Dimitri Samborski (samdim).

You can learn everything about this aircraft from this page (in French)

I started to develop this plane because I flew it in real life. Dimitri.
> Download Mudry Cap-10B for FS9 (3.6Mb,, 25 December 2007)
> Download Mudry Cap-10B for FSX (19.6Mb,, 12 April 2010)